thriftstur asked:

okay, I'm 16 and around 145 cm, I'm stressing out because I'm not really sure if I'll grow taller, adding that I have back problems. please make me feel betterrrr

I’s sorry to say I and know that that’s not what you want to hear, but yes, I think you won’t grow anymore or not that much. I have back problems too so I know how it feels. I wish I could help you some way, but I  only can repeat the same things over and over again. Height really doesn’t matter that much. Maybe now it’s seems like a disaster but honestly, you’ll see. There are plenty of people who are short and that it’s perfectly normal. You are normal, you are you and that’s what matters. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm 17 yrs old and Im only 4'8. I use to hate my height and evry short girls know why. And I grew up thinking that i would be the only shortest girl. But when I went to high school I found 2 other friends who are the exact same size as me. we basically share clothes and we would walk to school together looking like some bad asses. man, i love it. People would call us the triplets. so short girls BE PROUD OF YOUR HEIGHT! Imagine ur bf calling u shawty. cutest thing ever omg.

;) so go glen coco

babezian asked:

I'm 4'11" and it seems I'm so much shorter than that. It's so awkward. My friends and I went to Steak N Shake and they said when I entered "would you also like a kids menu." And when they were taking everyones order, the man said "what would you like ma'am" and then when he got to me, he said "what would you like sweetie." Ugh. I look like I'm 10 years old. And I have to look up at everyone and I'm the shortest in my grade!!

Oh gosh, I’m really sorry for that. People are just really hurtful and inconsidered even when they don’t mean to be. I really wish I could help you some way