thriftstur asked:

okay, I'm 16 and around 145 cm, I'm stressing out because I'm not really sure if I'll grow taller, adding that I have back problems. please make me feel betterrrr

I’s sorry to say I and know that that’s not what you want to hear, but yes, I think you won’t grow anymore or not that much. I have back problems too so I know how it feels. I wish I could help you some way, but I  only can repeat the same things over and over again. Height really doesn’t matter that much. Maybe now it’s seems like a disaster but honestly, you’ll see. There are plenty of people who are short and that it’s perfectly normal. You are normal, you are you and that’s what matters. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm 17 yrs old and Im only 4'8. I use to hate my height and evry short girls know why. And I grew up thinking that i would be the only shortest girl. But when I went to high school I found 2 other friends who are the exact same size as me. we basically share clothes and we would walk to school together looking like some bad asses. man, i love it. People would call us the triplets. so short girls BE PROUD OF YOUR HEIGHT! Imagine ur bf calling u shawty. cutest thing ever omg.

;) so go glen coco